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lamps with diode lighting in a modern warehouse

Reduce running costs and enhance efficiency with help from our LED lighting installers

Call P.B Proctor Electrical on 07980 567991 to discuss how one simple upgrade could see your property in Belfast benefit in more ways than one. Our electrical experts are here to help!   

A male hand is installing a LED light bulb into a ceiling can fixture

Take control of your usage and lower your lighting costs!  

As concerns around climate change heighten, the world is becoming more environmentally aware. This has led to a huge raise in the number of individuals switching to more efficient forms of lighting and home electricals, and due to affordability and energy efficiency, LED lighting is leading the way for customers across Belfast.


Visibly as bright as a standard bulb, LEDs actually use up to 80% less energy than older models, reducing consumption without compromising on performance. Due to their longer lifespan and ability to work in most conditions, including colder climates, you won’t need to change your bulbs as frequently as you may have done in the past, and you won’t need to worry about heat or UV emissions either. This makes them ideal for both homes and commercial properties across Belfast, making it advantageous for anyone to make the switch!

From planning to installation, P.B Proctor Electrical is on it!

As with all commercial and domestic electrics, working with live wiring can be dangerous. And though it may be tempting to approach the LED upgrade yourself, employing a fully qualified electrician can save you time, money, and ensure your safety is not jeopardised.


From the initial call to the final steps of the installation, P.B Proctor Electrical will manage the entire upgrade, offering the peace of mind that comes with employing a professional. We are happy to offer a free estimate and discuss the details of your project, simply give us a call to speak to one of our LED lighting installers!

Young electrician in checkered shirt installing light bulb

Get your FREE quote from P.B Proctor Electrical 

Call our team in Belfast on 07980 567991.

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