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Wiring tools and materials

Looking to rewire your house or commercial premises?

P.B Proctor Electrical is the name you need. We’re Belfast’s rewiring specialists, serving the region since 2000 for projects of all complexities, both domestic and commercial. Call us on 07980 567991 to arrange a site visit or request a free quote!

Electrician fixing lightning equipment

Home rewiring handled with ease

Do your electrics struggle to keep up with your usage demand? Feeling like you’re constantly dealing with repair needs and downtime? Lacking electrical outlets? It might be time to upgrade!

Most older homes, usually those built more than 40 years ago, were not designed with today’s electrical needs in mind. This usually means a less reliable connection, fewer sockets, and tired, potentially dangerous wiring that is struggling to keep up! P.B Proctor Electrical can upgrade the system to mitigate the need for repair costs and future-proof your system. Working with some of the industry’s highest quality materials, and with safety in mind, we can create a connection that you can rely on.

Making way for home automation

With advancements in energy efficient technology, rewiring your property could pave the way for the installation of more economical lighting, smart devices and automation systems. Rewiring your house or business premises will be an investment, the integration of these modern add-ons could see you drastically reduce your electricity bills and make your home in Belfast work for you. Call P.B Proctor Electrical for a free consultation to talk feasibility, cost and the process.

home computer panel for managing home light and apparatus

Property rewiring handled by the experts.

Call P.B Proctor Electrical on 07980 567991 today.

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